Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh – White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh in Digital Marketing Arena

There are many debates about who is currently the best SEO expert in Bangladesh and worldwide. Bangladesh has various SEO professionals, but the top on the list is Obayedul Islam Rabbi. However, it is vital to understand an SEO specialist’s meaning before we get into more detail. 

An experienced SEO professional is a person who uses the latest trends in digital marketing to drive more traffic to your website. In the end, he ensures perfect online visibility on the search engine list for your business webpage.

After the experienced SEO optimizes your business content through digital marketing skills and vast expertise, you will generate more revenue. Please read on for more information.

best seo expert in bangladesh white hat seo expert in bangladesh in digital marketing arena

Digital Marketing and White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Did you know that you can attract and retain customers and become a successful business in Bangladesh through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

You will have increased business revenue with consistency as key and a thousand new visitors from a successful SEO campaign. Furthermore, internet marketing explores website visibility in search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Many companies in Bangladesh excel on the world wide web through social media marketing in the SEO industry. Moreover, a significant part of Google’s algorithm on website ranking is through advice to many businesses from experts.

You can easily find your content on the search engine after it becomes more appealing to Google. Plus, it is only possible after taking keen lessons from a marketing expert.

Many people are currently using social media marketing or technical SEO in Bangladesh. However, research finds more than 90 million people, according to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory and Communication.

However, it gives us more reasons why many businesses have shifted their focus to digital marketing to modify their marketing practices. But let’s first understand what it entails.

What is Digital Marketing?

It uses internet SEO and digital marketing technologies to promote goods or services. The mode of marketing is via any digital media like cell phones or advertising on displays. However, digital marketing is how clients and targeted prospects receive messages from different market companies. 

Methods of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is when a digital marketer markets any content online. He can do this through blog posts, e-books, blogging, book image video, or post podcast slide PDF, among others. A content marketer must create content for effective digital marketing on social media marketing and SEO.

Social Media Marketing

There are many types of social media platforms that people spend most of their time on. You will find them carried away on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Furthermore, they use these social platforms to maintain communication with organizations or individuals. Won’t you have ideally promoted your product or service using these platforms as a form of digital marketing? 

The two forms of social media marketing are paid marketing and organic marketing. You will promote groups or pages with money on paid marketing, while organic marketing entails free marketing via posts or comments on public groups or pages. 


Providing organic and white hat SEO services impacts service and product marketing since the market is competitive. It reviews the search results of any other search engine, including Bing, Yahoo, or Google. People first search on Google before any product purchase, so if you promote your product to the top of Google search via SEO, you will have many new visitors and increased sales. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves marketing a product for a commission from the product owner. In simple terms, you won’t need to have your product. An SEO in Bangladesh can help you patiently work to reach your goal since you cannot make much money overnight. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Large global outreach 
  2. Efficient even to target customers that are mobile users
  3. High revenue at a minimal investment through digital marketing agencies
  4. You can reliably analyze and track your online performance
  5. Cheaper compared to other methods of marketing

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

  1. Stiff competition
  2. It requires professional training and skill.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

I’m sure you might have come across the term SEO in your daily business activities. You have even heard how important it is in business to attain higher rankings and drive more traffic.

But are you conversant enough about how it works and the areas to stress for the best achievement? Please stick through to the end to figure out everything you need to know about SEO in the life of a digital marketer.

SEO is the orientation of a website for high ranking and more traffic on search engine results pages. It simply targets your audience by ranking on the first page of search terms of Google results.

After understanding the technical nature of setting up your website, you will tackle the needs and demands of the target audience. 

How SEO Works in Digital Marketing Service

SEO provides your audience with what they are looking for as much as letting them know what you have. It is made possible in search engines after setting up your online presence.

An added advantage can be how people searching for a service in your locality get the alert through local SEO. But have you ever thought of how an SEO service provider company works for clients unaware of it?

First, you need an SEO to understand all the steps involved in the process and develop a strategy to develop a plan. The search engine analyses the website by ‘crawling’ and gathers all the information using ‘spiders.’

It helps determine whether a page on your website will be visible to users. Furthermore, what they check on the page are social signals, title tags, and the speed of the page.

Also, remember that search engines deliver results related to keywords and specific topics through crawling. 

Various Types of SEO

Did you know you can boost your business through local and international SEO? Can you certainly do this through digital forms of marketing with a service provider company in Bangladesh or even hire the best SEO service provider company?

Alternatively, you can find the best SEO agency in Bangladesh if you’re looking for an SEO who understands the impact it brings to your business but has little or no idea how to go about it. Now, these are the common types you need to know. 

1. Technical SEO

This type of SEO means your appearance on organic search results will be outstanding, with no big deal on the page’s content. It optimizes the website and improves the user experience. In simple terms, technical SEO involves activities providing SEO services that make navigation easy for visitors.

2. Local SEO

Are you looking for an SEO expert specific to a particular locality? One who localizes ranks depending on a state, a town, or a city and emphasizes a state’s online presence and nothing else?

A local SEO is a significant source of organic research and builds links apart from getting online customers to locate your local business site.

For instance, you will get more sales from customers looking for your services and are within your locality since they will specify their search to ‘Event Organizers near me.

3. On-page SEO

As the name suggests, on-page or on-site SEO takes place on the site or page directly. However, you will have to optimize on-site factors contributing to its ranking. They include headers, meta titles, descriptions, images, and keywords.

4. Off-page SEO

You will focus all your SEO activities outside your website on this type of SEO. In other words, it is also called off-site SEO.

Descriptive Methods of SEO and their tactics in SEO and Digital Marketing

Black hat SEO

You can use this SEO method if you are looking for quick results. Unfortunately, the Google server will be alerted to delete your account since you will have exploited their algorithms. You will get more clicks quickly, but as soon as Google notices you, they will know you have violated their terms and are not serving the expected purpose like other websites.


  • Purchasing backlinks
  • Using excess pictures
  • Stuffing keywords
  • Hidden links and texts
  • Headings and excessively optimized HTML tags 
  • Spamming links

White Hat SEO

Be sure you won’t have any difficulty with search engines while using a local SEO expert in Bd. Moreover, you’ll enjoy good traffic since your website will rank higher. You will experience zero negativity and successfully promote your business because Google fully supports the white hat SEO approach.


  • A white-hat organic SEO expert in Bangladesh uses social media to share the link to your page.
  • Using your website to publish content that is competitive of high quality
  • HTML optimization
  • Create an accessible and easy-to-use website that is reliable for all users

Grey Hat SEO

The Grey hat SEO method is a combination of the other two methods. It violates Google’s algorithm, appearing in the grey area while doing the right thing. That explains why it is called a Grey hat. Google will prevent site ranking and paint you badly for using this method after a while, but it will not necessarily delete your website.


  • Link exchange
  • False payment of review
  • Clickbait headline article publishing 
  • Publishing inefficient bots spun written content.

Why Do You Need One of The Best SEO Experts in Bd?

A top SEO expert in Bangladesh must convert prospects into customers for extensive opportunities. In other words, he will ensure your business is more visible. Additionally, the world will see you as an honest expert in your field and, at the same time, connect you to prospects for global awareness of your brand. Please read on for unveiled knowledge about SEO and digital marketing for your business success.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

  1. Hiring an SEO expert for your business will ensure you stand up over competitors being on the front page of search results for most companies.
  2. An engine optimization expert in Bangladesh keeps your visitors active on your page and engaged through an excellent visual appeal that ranks you up.
  3. An expert can help your website attract people through relevant keywords.
  4. You can hire one of the best SEO experts to create brand authority from first-page search appearance.
  5. A top SEO specialist in Bangladesh facilitates users’ navigation from optimized content.
  6. It makes offline sales since most people first rush to shop websites to read reviews, check prices, and even check inventory before showing up.

Who is the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

The best SEO service provider and the best SEO training are highly required by 8 out of 10 companies or businesses, considering the current growth and competition of firms in Bd. And this brings us to discuss the big question in greater detail. 

The Best local SEO expert in Bangladesh, as earlier mentioned, is Obayedul Islam Rabbi. Similarly, he is also an SEO consultant, Affiliate Marketer, local SEO and SEO trainer, entrepreneur, and freelancing workshop mentor, among others.

He is passionate about SEO and works solely to attain the best value out of it. Let’s look at what makes him the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

What makes Obayedul Islam Rabbi the Best Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh and the Factors making him the Top SEO?

Of course, there are significant factors to consider before you are considered the best in a particular field. Plus, it would be best if you were passionate about delivering quality services and positively impacting the relevant environs. Besides, even the youngest SEO expert in Bangladesh will attract big companies and clients interested in your services. 

Some of the factors making Obayedul Islam Rabbi top the list in the SEO industry include:

  • He is a local SEO who focuses on providing SEO experiments with real-life SEO projects to keep him up to date with Google Algorithm updates. Similarly, he is also passionate about it.
  • The SEO service provider exercises transparency between him and his clients. He then creates a unique bond for him to discuss his recommendations that are necessarily supposed to appear on the client’s website. 
  • He uses the best local and white hat SEO expert who strategizes to provide the best SEO that keeps clients up to date with the progress he’s making on the business as a marketing expert. Through monthly or even weekly reports.
  • He is sure of the best marketing service in the country from his knowledge and years of experience in the field.
  • Works hard to attain value over money. It is primarily through a focus on improving the client’s current business condition by implementing all the effort it takes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you are going to explore some of the most-asked questions about the best SEO services and SEO experts in Bangladesh.

Q. Why Is The Best Seo Service In Bangladesh Important?

A. It helps to make your business visible on the world wide web and provides the required information on the first page. Moreover, it also drives traffic to your products and services. You will certainly not go wrong trying out a digital marketing expert for the first time if you look forward to hiring the best SEO professional in Bangladesh. 

Q. How Do You Become An Seo Expert In Online Marketing?

I’m sure this comes to mind after learning how much a professional SEO expert can impact a business. First, you must understand and learn SEO techniques and strategies after learning how they work. You should be up to date with the news and trends, familiarize yourself with the best SEO tools, and participate in the training. Lastly, go ahead and explore the results of your efforts.

Q. When Do You Need To Hire An Seo Expert In Bangladesh?

You should start thinking about hiring an SEO Expert in Bangladesh if you are looking forward to launching or revamping a new website. It will require him to align it with a few changes and adjust the keyword and content strategy. Alternatively, the top digital marketing expert in Bangladesh will bring in better results and provide the best SEO service if you plan to invest in other types of digital marketing. 

Q. Why Will A Client Choose My Service As Bangladesh’s Best Seo Expert?

There are various requirements a client will consider before settling for an SEO service provider in Bangladesh. Moreover, he is undoubtedly looking forward to positively impacting his business. A client will hire you if you have a clear strategy for tracking progress with case studies or testimonials of your work. Also, it would help if you were up to date with the algorithms and latest trends.  


Among the top SEO specialists, Obayedul Islam Rabbi has the best SEO expert profile in Bangladesh. His SEO strategies are best for upgrading sales and traffic to your business. Besides, he provides the best digital marketing service that is strategically evident. If you’re looking to hire the best SEO expert for your business, try him out, and you won’t regret it.

After reading through this article to the end, I’m sure you have found answers to all your questions. You now have a clear view of what SEO entails and its importance. Similarly, you can answer the question of why many people and even companies hire an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Now, make the best out of all the information to positively impact your business with the best SEO training in Bangladesh. All the best.

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